Growing up I was lucky to spend time with both my grandmothers in their lovely gardens taking in the sweet smells of many flowers as well as the joy of gardening that filled their souls. These memories always leave me nostalgic for those carefree days of playing in the yard and watching the magic happen. My Finnish/Swedish grandmother, Irma, held her coastal garden with the highest regard. She was a workhorse, well into her late 80's- constantly redesigning her beds and moving plants around. I can say with confidence that she would be happy to know that I have followed her path in the garden. It is indeed my playground!

After working in healthcare for several years and staying home with my two young boys, I decided to turn my love for gardening into a "job". Late this past winter, 2018, Roots of Joy became a reality when I sowed over 500 seeds in garage. Spring came and along with my supportive husband and oldest son, we expanded our existing beds on our large urban lot and built 8 good sized raised beds..and with crossed fingers, planted the tiny plants. Today, my labor of love is blooming and my dream of doing something with flowers and floral design is coming true. Stepping out to my garden is like Christmas morning. And, I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by the beauty of flowers and nature, everyday. There’s nothing more peaceful for me than getting my hands in garden soil and arranging fresh blooms with intention and care.